Sending multiple chat requests by user category and distance

Hi everyone, has anyone had any experience with creating an app where a user (customer) sends a request to a user category (merchant) that falls within a set radius?

Does Adalo allow this?

Thanks in advance



Welcome to Adalo!

What I think you are looking to do is possible with Adalo. It basically boils down to two topics:

  1. Identifying a list of merchants within a certain distance. This is possible using the geolocation capability. You’d need to get the location for each merchant as they sign up and the user’s location can be identified using the current location feature.
  2. Creating a series of individual chats with each identified merchant. You probably wont want a single group chat as then each merchant can see what the other has said. Also you probably don’t want to create the chat until the merchant has replied as perhaps many won’t- but that depends on your use case. Again that’s all possible with Adalo.

I’ve done a similar thing for a client where job seekers can message companies advertising jobs within a certain distance- so it all can work! Good luck!

Hi! Thanks for you promt reply!

So first I basically have to divide the users into Client and Merchant as in the picture?

Then how do I set that the only way of communication via chat is between Client and Merchant and not between those of the same type?

Thanks in advance!

Well I wouldn’t divide users between client and merchant as you have done- after all a client could also be a merchant and vice versa. Instead I’d have a separate collection for merchant (shops) which have users “managing” them. So instead of your merchant flag, I’d have a relationship “manages” with a many-to-many relationship to your shops collection. That way you can have a user managing several shops and a shop can have several managers.

When a user declares they are (also) managing a shop, they fill out the details (logo, name etc), and address and that creates a location for the shop that’s independent of the manager. After all your manager may be moving around, but your shop isn’t. Also your manager is also a regular user and may also buy from other shops so their location must be independent from the shop(s) they manage.

So your chat is now between a user and shop_within_radius>managers>all.

I’d then add a flag for “off duty” but then I like to get fancy :sweat_smile:

Hello, and thanks again for the information and advice. We have set it up this way as a matter of simplicity, for what we have in mind, the users who will have access on the consumer side will only be able to send messages to the shops and not to each other, the same goes for the shops will not be able to communicate with each other, but only with the users who have sent the request

As far as the distance filter is concerned, is it possible to insert a filter indicating walking or cycling distance? what would be the google api to use?

Thanks in advance

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