ISSUE — Input keeps displays registration data

I have a two-process sign-up where users are required initially to input their email and password (SIGN UP), followed by a second step where they input a name, phone number and flat number. The second step UPDATES the current Logged in user database based on the values of the input. The issue is that when another user tries to register, the data of the previous registration is populated into the fields of the second step.

How can I prevent previous data from being populated into the input field?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @diegooriani,

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You can add an action “Change input value” (it’s under “More”), select the input you’d like to clear, and leave the value in this action as “Empty”.
Such action could be put after “Signup” action on the form, before the link to the second step screen.

NB: in real native app, you’ll probably will not see the data populated; usually this “autopopulation” happens due to browser caching. But to be on the safe side, you can erase the inputs manually.


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