Some form fields autopopulating

Hi everyone,

Hope someone can give me a quick tip on how to fix auto-population on a form. I have a multi-sided app and want the Admins to be able to fix a password for a user if they think they mistyped it etc., as well as fix some User details.

I created an Update User form that includes the Password field. If the Admin doesn’t change the password, we want to leave it alone. If they change the Password we want them to set it.

HOWEVER, if I change the Password for User A and then go to edit User B’s details, the previous password I entered for User A auto-populates over the Password for User B. Of course, if I try to clear the auto-populated password, I end up clearing the password entirely.

I thought I could use the Change Input Value action, but that seems to only apply to Input objects, not Form fields.

Does anyone have a thought on how to fix this? btw, I’m testing on iPhone. Not sure if this happens with Android too.

Thanks in advance,