Issue on Connecting Abracadalo to SendGrid

Hi, I have an issue to connect Abracadalo to Sendgrid.

Email API Setup on Abracadalo is “Connection successful!”, and Adalo and Abracadalo is connecting fine. (E-mail and Push notification signals are listed Scheduled Notifications)

BUT never sent E-mail and push notifications to my device.
Focus on E-mail, I am thinking it is caused by connection Abracadalo to Sedngrid.
My SMTP setting on Sendgrid is error.

Or my app is now only in Adalo space, and I am trial user. Is it related to this situation?

I need someone’s help.
Thank you.

Hi @Abracadalo I have inquired but have not received a response and am having trouble.

I am still having trouble with SMTP connections not working properly, and I feel I am making a fatal mistake because the situation did not change when I used Sendinblue instead of SendGrid.

Sendinblue SMTP;

All of this information is copied directly to Abracadalo.

Abracadalo setting;

But never sent email. Someone please help!!!

Somehow, suddenly it worked! The connection may take some time.

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