Mails con sendgrid

Hello everyone, I need help, it is the first time that I am going to integrate sengrid for mails, I am following the tutorials but it gives me an error, can someone help me?

Well recently sendgrid integration is not working fine, try using other platform like

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Great I’ll see, I’m not a programmer if this website you gave me is going to simplify my work, great! now i see you … thanks

It’s very easy to use, you can create your own template their too


What’s the difference between Abracadalo, sendgrid & Zapier? … as far as sending emails. Is there a difference on when /how they can be triggered.

(obviously, I am guessing, Abracadalo is just for Adalo…)

Well the name is like this, but you can use everywhere.

So the difference between these 3:

Zapier is slow and you need to have 3rd parties connections ect…

Sendgrid is very good, but you can’t use your own templates as i recall.

Abracadalo works the same thing as sendgrid, but the advantage is you can have your own templates.

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short & well put. Thanks

I already made an account, but there are no tutorial videos or anything, if you use or are the owner of that platform, could you help me? If it works for me, I’ll go to the pro version… remember that in adalo we are not all developers, many times I use wordpress because they have many plugins that simplify our work, that helps us to give what the client needs…

Helloo, yeah of course, you can message me privately and I’ll help you with that. And hopefully soon videos will be up live

thank you. videos sounds good, too.
If you are involved with a company that you are suggesting, please disclose this information.
Or, add it to your profile. It is professional. thanks, again.

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Hello, how can I send a design template in sendinblue? any tutorial? I already did the integration now I want to know how to make the mail more beautiful!

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