Send email (Zapier and SendGrid)

I need Help, try send email from sendGrid with Zapier,

The resultat of test in zapier is OK, but my problem is because I dont know configurer the trigger notification in adalo, I can’t find the option of sendGrid that i configure, :frowning:

Thanks for your help!

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Set the database for new record (Adalo)+ sendgrid in zapier

Hi ishantanusrivastava
Thanks, I try and try configurer but i dont know…

On Sengrid, I have this information

On adalo, this is what i do:

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I have not set this up yet, but to me it looks like on Step 1 you need to add the Auth Setup items - I’m thinking that is where you will put your BEARER key…


Even I tried this feature. I believe Adalo supports only if the base url supports all kind of operations.

@zachbharris is there any possibilities that we can configure external API which supports only one operation on base URL?


Well, i need send an email from my app with or with out sendgrid, someone could have done it? if the answer is positive, please send me the procedure.

I think Adalo allow Database API not any other api in Upordo i’m using simple zapier task means when adalo collection = new entry > Send email to that user

Thats it

Some days ago i’m trying to connect gif api but not able to do that @Ben is it possible to connect api other than database api

Like any api( gif - tenor API ) or something else

Our Custom Actions feature which is in development will allow for this method of communicating with an external API. In the meantime @perc80 the best way to send email through sendgrid is using the zapier set up, like you had initially started. The trigger for the Zap to run will be a new record in Adalo. There won’t be any other specific action on the Adalo side of things.

Hi Ben and Ishantani, please, i have tried and tried but is not possible, so please you could send me a procedure (video ou picture) in both (adalo and sendgrid) because i dont know as doing it.

On zapier le test is correct

So, I dont know this information,


where i could find it? if you see my second message, that information is not corret!


I think zapier task run on every 15 min

You don’t need to setup an an external collection at all. The zap will trigger based on a new record being added to the normal collection that you specified in the first step of the zap.

oK, i created the zap trigger based on a new record

but i created 3 news records (restaurant )and it doesn’t work.

Well i continue to tester and i did of trigger

also I want to send the email to the current user, however is not the option

and the email is not sent :frowning:

I just saw this erreur in zapier

and I checked the configuration of “to”

But i dont know, what is my mistake? I need your help again!

What do you have set up as the trigger in Zapier?

I have a new record in adalo

on the table “Restaurante”

the purpose is to send an email to the user when creating a restaurant.

It looks lie the restaurant record in Adalo that Zapier was triggering on didn’t have a value for it’s Email property.

Those of you who have set up the Adalo + SendGrid zap, that means you have upgraded to SendGrid PRO, paying SendGrid $90 per month? @ishantanusrivastava ?

Has anyone else set up a different transactional mail provider via Zapier with Adalo? Ideally free, or low monthly fee. I don’t think my app will need 100k emails per month anytime soon…lol

Let me clear how done this please view this video

And no i’m not paying, i’m using free sendgrid plan 100mail/day

I’ve seen people use Zapier and Gmail for this.