Issue Selecting Logged In User In Visibility Filter

Hey all. I’m trying to create a visibility condition based on a user’s many-to-one relationship with posts. For context, when a user reads a post, they are added to a “read by users” list, which I use to track unread posts. I am now trying to create an empty state and unfortunately, can’t select the logged in user when using the visibility conditions. I’ve attached an image below:

The weird thing is that I can select the logged in user when using a list filters, so I don’t think it’s an issue with the logic as much as the platform. Using a list in this way was a great workaround I used when I wanted a notification icon to DISAPPEAR after reading all of the current posts.

But, now that I am trying to have an empty state APPEAR when all of the posts have been read, I’ve been struggling to figure out how to use a list and can’t seem to figure out the visibility trick.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated! Thank you!

@Colin Thought this might be a question you’d be able to answer. Thanks!

I thought I would try to use an input field with a default custom formula in the meantime but am having some trouble with refreshing. If you have any suggestions on how to refresh the default value in an input field, that would also be greatly appreciated!

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