Conditional logic display

Hello adalo’s

I am trying to display a comment list based on the conditional logic of whether the logged in user has posted onto the comment list.

Attempt 1: Visibility conditional
Initially I have tried to set the visibility of the comment list must contain the logged in user’s username.

All that appears on preview is an infinite loading wheel.

Attempt 2: Visibility logic based on user comments
My second attempt was to set a visibility condition based on a user’s comment appearing on the comment list.

Attempt 3: Custom filter logic based on user comments
3rd attempt was to set visibility through custom filters and user’s comments appearing in the comment table. I fall into the same issue and can’t link to the user/comment table

I get stuck and can’t find anything to link to the user/comment table.

Can you advise on this please or hoping you’ve spotted something I’ve missed completely.

Many thanks in advance, Dan

Hello Dan,

Have you tried…

Current Post > Comments > Count

Comment > Username
is equal to
Logged in user > Username

Greater or equal to

I hope this works. I know there must be different ways of doing this. But that is all it came to mind right now.


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Hi Dan :wave:

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Or this way.


Thank you

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Thank you @dilon_perera and @williankober - I’ll try these and let you know how it goes

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Your welcome :+1:

And if the creator of the post can’t create a comment then this condition will not match and the creator of the post can’t see the comments. So for that you can add another list and add a condition. If you need a help here’s a clonable app that I created.

Hope it helps!

Thank you

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