Issue with list visibility when comparing two variables

I am trying to create a notification icon (or ellipse in this case) that illustrates unread posts from the current user. In order to accomplish this, I am comparing the number of read receipts in one database compared to the number of posts that a particular author has written (Figure 1: Original settings in Adalo editor, Figure 2: Original previewer result). However when I run these settings in the previewer, I do not get the proper results. To confirm this was an error, I added two numbers to top of each profile picture – the top being the number of read receipts, and the bottom being the number of posts created by the author.

When I compare the number of read receipts to a static number (e.g., 3), on the other hand, the visibility settings appear to work (Figure 3: Test settings in Adalo editor, Figure 4: Test previewer result). This leads me to believe that this issue is likely with the editor comparing two variables, although I cannot rule out user error.

I’ve run similar tests with a number of different combinations of alternative database inputs (i.e. rather than Current User > Posts (Author) > Count, creating a new database property for post count: Current User > Post Count) as well as equalities/inequalities (e.g., Less than or equal to, less than, greater than) and seem to get similar results.

Yeah, this can be pretty annoying!

My suggestion is that you ungroup items and see if that helps. Sometimes when you have multiple groups it can cause issuess.

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