Trouble with connecting Airtable database


I am taking forum inputs from my users and I’m trying to record them into Airtable database. Then I want to show it on my list on the other page but my submit button does not work. It does not record the data into the database and also it does not navigate to the other page . Do you have any idea about why I am facing with this situation?

Hi @ceren I see that you’ve added additional fields to the form. I believe this error can occur if:

  • Field values are not considered “valid” by airtable
  • You’re sending a date value - we currently send those as Date/Time which airtable considers invalid
  • You’re missing a required field

If possible you should be able to open the Chrome developer tools and inspect the network tab to see the specific error returned by Airtable.

Thank you so much, I think its because that I am sending a date value.

Then, I want to make some calculations on date/ time. Isn’t there any way to make it?

Yes, you can make calculations with date/time in adalo. If you’re wanting to show them in text, you can select Magic Text > New Custom Formula… and then make the necessary calculations.

Here’s a tutorial working with numbers, but you can do the same thing with dates.

What is considered invalid by airtable? because i am also having the same problem (im using 2 text fields in the form) and i cant fix it…