Potential BUG: Current user data replaced by logged in user

I am pretty sure this is a bug but before I report it can someone else please confirm they are seeing this behavior too.

The testapp: testbed

What I am doing:

  • I have list of all users on home screen. Clicking on a user send it to screen 2 with current-user info.
  • On screen 2, with a button I am creating a new collection record called “connections” and passing that to screen 3
  • As part of creating that, if I set the creator as Logged-in-user my current-user info is replaced by Logged-in-user
  • If I set the creator as current-user then the current user remains the same on the final screen

This is obviously not what I want since I want the current-user to remain the same from screen to screen and setting a creator of a new collection record should not change that.

Can someone please confirm that they are also seeing this?


Some screen shots

First screen shot is of all the collections followed by the two buttons I have where the only difference is who the creator of a collection record is. On the final screen the “current user” info is displayed that should not change based on who the creator of the collection is set as.

Can you please explain what “bug” you are facing? I tried your app. To me it seems to be consistent with no errors. On the screen and in the database?

22.05.2022 at 10_26_36


My aim is to display the current user data selected at Home screen on Screen 3. There is an intermediate screen 2.

The button on screen 2 does two things:

  • create a collection record (not user collection)
  • redirects to screen 3

Who I set as the creator of collection record on screen 2, becomes the current user on screen 3 instead of who was selected from the list on home screen.

That is not the desired behavior because I think the actions I perform on screen 2 are not changing who the current user is.

I think you may have the right idea set in the database but you’re missing a step for it.

You are switching the creator between logged-in user and current user. Instead, add both people to the members and leave the creator as the person that created the connection.

In order to do this, let’s cover the steps. The “Create connection” action should have the logged-in user as the record creator, as it’s the logged in user that’s creating the connection. Then, you need 2 update actions after the create connection action to add both current user and logged in user to the “MEMBERS” relationship parameter.

Like this:

& this:

Then, your current user data will stay and you can use “Current User” on the last screen:


In the app where I found this, that is exactly what I was doing. But just to demo the issue I have added the steps you mentioned.

Looks like you cloned my app and added steps you laid out here. At my end I am seeing that
the current user on screen 3 is still the logged in user.

And that I think is the issue. In the screen recording my logged in user is test@test.com and current user is test3@test.com but on screen 3 I see test@test.com as current user.

Recording 2022-05-22 at 10.41.05

Zoomed in view

Recording 2022-05-22 at 10.44.58

Try this instead. On your last screen, click on the text component and click the settings and then click “Make a list”. Set this list to Users > Current connection Members with a filter where email is not equal to logged-in user.

You’ll see 2 “current user’s” options. The first one is the one you want to use for the magic text.

Confirmation that it works:


Thank you for demonstrating how I can get the current user info back on screen 3 using lists. My actual app is a lot more complicated than this app that I spun up to demonstrate the issue/bug.

On that app, the current user info is used in a lot of different ways and passed onto different following screens and this two “current users” version wont work there.

Can you confirm though that you also saw the current user info being replaced by logged in user info for no real reason and only because you set the creator of a collection record to logged in user … which is totally unrelated to replacing the current user info?


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