"current user" not adding to the collection

hi guys.
anyone having problem with “current user” not adding to the collection?
it used to work fine, but all of a sudden it is not adding…
any thoughts?

It seems it is not adding when it is a “Multiple” relationship property…
Any help will be appreciated…

Can you share the screenshot/video so i’ll better understand what you want to do.

Thanks… here is the video:

current-user not adding to collection

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First of all make sure that all connection is linked to that particular button or text where user will be redirected to that screen after click & also try reconnecting the whole thing once again if not worked.

thanks, i tried both… still not working… and this is not the only spot… it is an issue across the app (NOT ADDING CURRENT USER IN A MULTIPLE RELATIONSHIP PROPERTY)

I’ve just noticed this as well. It looks like the “Current X” option is somehow broken as it was working perfectly fine before.

it is interesting you say that… i noticed the same… it was working fine and all of a sudden it broke (with no changes)

I am having the same issue. There is no “current user” option.

I think you selected the third option in collection relationship i.e, Many to Many change it to another one & then you will able to see the current user.

The issue that synergii was having was that there was a screen with a list of posts that was linking to a post details screen.

The link was passing along current post, but there was no “Current User” in the context of that list (even though there was a Current User in the context of the screen itself). To solve this, we made the button that linked to the post detail screen a list within the posts list. The new list was a list of users, but filtered down so that it was only the user who’s email addresses matched that of the Current User record on the Posts List screen.

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Thank you. I have it as the first relationship one and many. It still does not show current user.

@LadyTK can you share a screenshot of the Available Data for your screen that is missing current user? You can do that by selecting the whole screen by clicking its name on the canvas, and then in the left panel expanding the Available Data section.

hi @Ben
there are still couple of screens where CURREN X is missing as follows:

  1. CURRENT USER is not adding to TAG collection:

  1. instead of displaying CURRENT USER name (and tagging accordingly), it displays and tags LOGGED-IN USER:

Here are the Screen shots, for those 2 screens missing CURRENT USER, @Ben :



@Ben Thank you for assisting me. I tried to figure this out but it’s driving me bonkers. I am creating a directory of schools which will include a forum and chat. On the forum comments screen, I am not seeing “Current User” as an option.

@LadyTK In order for Current User to be available on a screen, it needs to be linked to from a list of users. How are you wanting to use Current User there?

@Ben I am wanting the list to show the comments made by current user and the only option it is giving me is logged in user.

Who is the current user in this context?

@Ben the current user is the user names that commented.