Issues with NoCode Monkey

Hi all,

Does anyone have bad experience with NoCode Monkey? I hear good stories here on the forum, however I ordered the time picker component from them 2 weeks ago and have not received anything to this day. It should be installed within 24 hours. I did the correct actions to get them to do the installation.

Even after contacting them several times via their website, there is no response.

I’d love to hear if anyone else has had the same experience and what to do in this case.

Hi @Essie ,
What was the payment method? With Paypal and Stripe, you can always file a complaint and recover the money. Hope they come back to you though.

Im from the netherlands So I just used my creditcard to pay.

Same here (NL), so you should be protected up to 100K€. Just talk to the guys, if not contact your bank.


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Ja het scheelt dat het geen groot bedrag is, maar is wel teleurstelling als je niks ontvangt en het component wel cruciaal is. Thnx voor je bericht

Michael is a good guy, likely just an error in the install. @Michael

I have pretty much all of Michael’s components and they are the best components out there hands down… they are also well maintained.


I don’t doubt that either. However, it is frustrating when you need the component and there is no further response

Hey @Essie
This is Michael from NoCode Monkey.
I’ve emailed you a couple times.

I think you must not be getting my emails or they are going to your junk folder. I’ll send you a DM so we can get this straightened out.

Thanks @theadaloguy @iAppsNi


Hi Michael,

I’m glad to hear from you. Unfortunately I only received this email. I am still interested in the component. Is it possible to use a Magic Text as Default with the time picker?

I sent you a DM so we can solve your issue and I can go over the functionality.