It is possible to have a multi-depth select field? Or an autocomplete one?

Hello, my team and I would like to develop a mvp with Adalo and a custom external API, probably build with Apiplatform or Express / Nodejs.

We must have a Category entity, and a Category can be attached to a parent (depth), it should be something like:

  • Services
    • Garden
      • Gardening
    • Interior
      • Painting

When adding a new post, the user must select a category. We would like to know if it’s possible to create a select field including the depth, or something like selecting first the parent category, then the subcategories wanted. If not, we would like to know if it’s possible to create an autocomplete field: Type the category’s name then display a dropdown containing the matched categories.

What can or cannot be done with Adalo? I looked at the documentation but doesn’t find anything about that. Maybe I missed it?


This can be done in Adalo. You would have two collections, one called something like “Category” and another called “Sub-Category” They would both have a name field, and a relationship to each-other.

In the Sub-Category collection you would add the category that each sub-category belongs to.

Here are some examples:

Category Collection. Note that each category can have more than one sub-category.

Sub-category collection.

Hope this helps answer your question!

Thank you very much! How is it displayed on the front, when using a dropdown or something like that? Do you have an example?

Thanks for your time,

Yes, it would be via drop down menus.

You pick the category, then the subcategory will changed based on the category selected.

Okay, sadly it’s not really what we want because we can have more than 2 depths. There is another way to display them?

Thank you,

There may be, but i’m not sure of how to do something like that. Unless you made a third collection, but that may be more cumbersome then you want.

Thank you, I understand. And what about an autocomplete field? Based on the input event (when typing something inside the field)? Is it possible?


Honestly, not sure. I havent tried to do anything like that yet.

I’m sure it’s possible.

Another way you could attack it is make it a button with a popup modal. Something like “Push this button to select your category” > Popup > Drop down to select category, and a button to confirm > popup > Select Sub-Category, button to confirm and so on.

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