It keeps running and doesn't open

Is there a problem with Adalo? My app is not opening.
It keeps running and doesn’t open.

Hi @dinoh :wave: :wave:

So the loading icon is showing and not opening.
Did you clear your cache and cookies and try?

This happened to me also. I did zoom in and zoom out in the editor for a while. And it works.

And @dinoh if not work you can submit a support ticket.

Thank you :innocent:

It is pretty slow today for some reason slower than usual

But for me it’s working normal.

even editor autosave stopped working can’t see any changes

@salbkh for me the edits are saving. Adalo Team said if this problem happened to someone again submit a support ticket.

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Thank you very much, dilon_perera, it works again, some login problem.

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Your welcome @dinoh :+1:

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