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I am creating job listing app.

I already have working the feature that the employers can create a job advertisement and users can see the advertisements.

Is it possible to create feature so the users can create application for specific employers? I know how to create the applications to show for all employers but I want the specific employers only see applications which are made for them job advertisement. Any help?

You need a collection relationship between Employer(or Business) and Applications.

Then you can have a button on the application to “Apply for this job” linking to an application screen where “Current Employer(or Business)” data is automatically passed and added to the application.

If you have already done something like this - Then in the list where you are displaying applications, you need to set a custom filter where it only shows the applications that belong to that employer


the relationships are hard for me to understand so if assume that I have create relationship between Users database and Applications database but which one of the 3 relationship options I have to choose?

It depends on the approach you want to take. You need to factor in how you are going to tell the difference between an employer user and a job seeking user, you can do this by creating seperate collections for each and tieing the user to those, or you can have a true/false statement in the user collection that tells the system if a user is an employer or job seeker.

When you’re linking relationships, just read the example options Adalo gives you and it should be easy to figure it out.

Here’s a screenshot of an example to the filter on how you can display specific applications.


The filter is saying “This is a list of all applications, if the user who created this (the user who belongs to the Employer collection that has a relationship to that user), then only show those applications”

I hope it’s clear for you to understand!

I really suggest watching videos on YouTube from Adalo content creators, you will learn a lot in a short amount of time on how to structure your database, how to display specific data and much more.

Thanks!! I will test and figure it out from your help. :slight_smile:

Well, I almost got it working. The problem is that all the employer accounts can see all the applications.

Not sure how to create the database work so only the employer who created job listing can see the applications made of that specific job.

Now all applications are showing for all employers.

You need to have a relationship between Employers and Applications (Employers can have many Applications & Applications can only have 1 Employer)

If you’re using a prebuilt Adalo form, click on the application form and go to the Fields section of the properties and “Add Automatic Field” and set the “Employer” as “Logged In User”

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Right so I was messing around and finally got the feature working! Not sure how, but it works now. :smiley:

Thanks for this forum!

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