Keeping records/chat log in a chat app - Is it required by law?

Does anyone know if it’s required to keep a record of chat logs? Whether they’re encrypted or not?

Good question. Hope not. Adalo may hold that info.
Which country?

I’m in Australia, just looking into it now. Thought someone may have a quickfire answer. I’ve made a chat example that doesn’t even create a new record in the database, it just updates an empty property in the User collection and then deletes or “resets” it to blank after a set amount of time. The chat message appears for that amount of time then disappears in a real-time chat fashion.

It seems to be extremely light weight!

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wow. sounds good for saving space.

Not sure if it will help… found this:

I’m not trying to build a super private / leave-minimal-trail chat app, but it’s seemed to turned into one by design.

But my thinking is…


If I ever make something of the chat design and it comes up that an agency needs information, they can just harass Adalo for whatever is saved on their servers lol

In Europe you are not allowed to record such information by GDPR Data Protection. Adalo server are in the States which is a complete different story since I know that the NSA has rights to scoop any server on us soil.