Notifications clarification


On this site, Trigger Push Notifications - Adalo Resources, it says “3) The user is not the user triggering the notification”.

Is there any way to make it so that the logged in user triggering the notification also receives the notification? On one page in the app I set it so that at the end of a 1 second count down timer an action is triggered to update the current list item and also another action to trigger a push notification to that logged in user. Is this possible or there is no work around to the user triggering the notification not being able to receive that notification?

Secondly-does the notification, if successful, also show up when previewing the app to test it or does it only show up once you have downloaded the app?

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I believe notifications do send to the logged in user if your parameters allow it. I have gotten notifications even as the logged in user.

You will be able to test notifications on Testflight

Do notifications not work unless it’s on TestFlight? Is there a TestFlight for android?

Yeah i believe there is a similar thing for android, I don’t use it so I am not sure. But if you have a search on this forum others have discussed an alternative.

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