How can I check if a user has allowed notification permission?

There is a “Request Notifications” action type that triggers a user to allow notifications.

How can I check if the user actually allowed notifications?

I have a dedicated screen for requesting permissions and I need to know when I should show the screen.

There’s no information in the help docs on how it works.

Hi @thekaliuapp,

Not sure there is a direct way to get this info. Though you can try to use Adalo API as a workaround.
See the document here:
The key thing will be using the response from the API. So, the logic might be:

  • user visits the screen in the app, where you have “request notification permissions” action
  • user answers yes or no (we don’t know it now)
  • in some time, you send Push notification to this user
  • if you get “failed” > 0, then it means user hasn’t allowed notifications
  • if you get “successful” > 0, then user has enabled notifications for your app. This is the info you need.

Such approach might require some testing, though it’s worth exploring from my point of view :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.


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