Way to see whether user accepted push notifications?

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a way to check whether a user has granted the right to send push notifications?
Would be nice to now how many of my users have! :slight_smile:



Do you mean, to see the number of users whom received a specific notification or having kind of a switch user turn it on if he wants to receive notification?

Both would be awesome :wink:

But now looking for how many people have accepted notifications from the app.
Don’t know for sure how this works on android - but on iOS users have to explicitly accept to receive notifications from an app.

Oh you mean the notification request message…

But in addition you can add like a modal on firsts app screens and Say would you like to accept notification from “app name” and then yes or no, When yes clicked you can update a database property like “true or false” to Yes, and like that you can see how many accepted

and for ios users after click Yes, just add a notification request.

That would be a way.
But I don’t think you can take a read-out from the system dialogue that pops up.
And that also doesn’t take into account users who change their preferences later.

I know there is a way via push notification api to see whether a message is delivered. Was hoping that Adalo has a way somewhere to show that info, without needing to create own send tool via the api.

Hi Steven,

I think you could do something like this:

When your setting up your notification, make it so when the user clicks on the notification, you link it to an intermediate screen that (under the “actions on this screen” under the screen settings) updates a record that the user clicked on the notification. Then, you would link to the screen you wanted.

Hi James,

Thanks for thinking along!

That’s an interesting solution, but that would necessitate setting up an intermediate screen for each type of notification (that direct to a different screen) wouldn’t it?

Also it would only track people that act (click) on the notification, not all that receive it.

Maybe you can have one interm screen, and link to different screens with conditional actions.

Hi everyone,

As an option - you can explore the option of using Adalo API here (Trigger Push Notifications via API - Adalo Resources).
The logic could be the following:

  • user installs the app, signs up and gets to the screen with “request notification permissions” action. Here we don’t really know if he/she accepted it or not;
  • we tag this user as “permissions asked”
  • in some time, we send a Push notification to this user via API.
  • if we receive “Failed” >0 then user doesn’t allow to send Push notifications, we can tag the user as “permissions not granted”.

This is a high-level logic :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.


Thanks @James_App_Maker and @Victor!

Yeah I thought the API was probably the best bet. Bit too much work for now though.



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