Leaving Adalo - what happens to your apps?

I suspect given the latest announcements many people will be considering leaving Adalo, so the main question is, what happens to your existing apps if you leave? If you currently have live apps built with Adalo on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store and you end your Adalo subscription, what happens to those apps? Do they just carry on working as normal? Or do they stop working? I think a definitive and clear answer from someone, hopefully someone at Adalo?, would be a great help to the future decision making of many current Adalo users.

In that case, you would want to downgrade your account to the free version, instead of deleting your account, because all your data points are deleted as well.

And with the free version, you will be limited by it. The number of data points you can have in the free version.

If you keep your monthly subscription paid up, then you have approx 1 year until new pricing kicks in and your app will more than likely get rather costly to run. Depends on any revenue you have from said app of course.

I currently have six Adalo apps on the stores so downgrading to the free version is not going to work for me, plus as suggested these apps will get very costly to run. So as I understand it I am faced with paying out a lot money, which I am unlikely to recoup, or loosing all six apps?

appgyver, while not as intuitive, is free if you make less than 10m a year.

I don’t see app limits on Flutterflow but I could be mistaken.