Legacy > Responsive migration and account limits?

I currently have 2 apps that both share a database: a Legacy app, and a responsive desktop. I’m on the Professional plan which allows for 2 “published apps”.

Let’s say that I want to migrate my legacy app to responsive, is that even possible given that I’m already at the professional tier limit for published apps? I’m not upgrading to Team at 3x the cost just to be able to migrate to responsive.

Adalo 2.0 is slow!!! I would stick with the legacy app builder. That is just my thoughts. Unless you don’t have a ton of pages then you might be okay, but if you have a lot going on in your app. The builder is very slow and it’s very annoying. It takes twice the time to build you app in the new responsive builder than the legacy version.

Do you mean the actual building of the app or the performance of the app once “built” for the app stores? I find the legacy builder to be really clunky for alignment and I often spend hours trying to figure out why some button moves 6 pixels on the iphone 13 vs the 12 vs the samsung.

I’m also thinking about futureproofing, will new marketplace components continue to work for both legacy and responsive? If I’m adalo, i don’t want to support something i consider to be legacy any longer than i have to and would be pushing as many people to migrate as possible.

Building the actual app. When you run the app it runs the same.

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