Less List: A list app with no features

Less List is an homage to the list on the fridge. I got tired of overly complex to-do list apps and family organizers so I made my own. Multi-list support is coming soon! But that’s it! Don’t wanna over complicate it!


Upvoted just now :+1:

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:smile: :+1:t2:
Upvoted too! Love simplicity!

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Fantastic work - Nice UI.

Awesome app @pfordmedia.

Just a question - are you deleting with ‘clear all’ with Adalo ‘delete’ actions or using external collection and/or custom actions? I don’t know how to delete multiple items using Adalo ‘delete’ action.

Thanks! Adalo doesn’t support batch action just yet, so all it does is just set a date in the User’s record and it only shows the list items that were created after the last date/time that the user pressed the clear button.

Thanks Patrick! Really smart way to implement :+1:

Great app! Simple. Curious how you get the input field on the bottom to not push up the app header when you select the text input and the keyboard opens. Or is this just something that occurs on PWA version of apps?

Nicely done and up I upvoted.

It’s actually just a group that is fixed to the bottom of the screen using the Edit Styles menu of the grouped elements.