Slow app on phone when adding even one list to web app

How can one build an app, with no lists?? I trimmed our app down to 1 list with only three items in it. It’s still jerky, slow / unresponsive on a phone. When I remove it, it still hesitates at the start but after you try to scroll a few times it takes off like normal.

So I tried removing all lists from a home screen and placing them in the next “float down” screen instead (because I have to have lists). Once you drop down that screen with the list in it and go back to the home screen, it is now jerky “again”. There’s hardly anything in this app!!!

Anyone else experiencing this and have a hopeful quick fix??

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Hi Mike,

I recommend seeing all the performance updates (link is below) the team is currently working on & completed.

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Hey James thanks, I appreciate your response however it doesn’t change my situation any. That page doesn’t tell me that if I can hold out for saaay, two more weeks or three more weeks, that I will be able to launch what I’ve been working on for far too long unfortunately. Sitting here wondering if I made a huge mistake is killing me slowly and frankly not making my partners happy at all.

I feel like I’m sitting here waiting on something to make this decision a good choice, but don’t know if I’m looking at days, weeks, months or years.

I can’t pay $50 / month Adalo, while I sit here and wait with no answers on how long I am forced to do it. I’m apparently just stuck…with no lists…at the end…unable to launch like this! I’m hoping that I’m ranting for nothing and need to apologize later, but it doesn’t feel like it this time. I can’t see any other way to be patient with this, work around this and accept this without knowing when I can fix this…

It’s time to get an answer guys??? Please??? Pretty please???

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