Limit on rows brought back from Airtable

This looks like it is set to 100?

Which would be OK if I had any way of doing pagination. Also it is pretty useless when I want to count things over 100 :frowning:

Is there a recommended work around here? Like maybe bringing in some skeleton details into an Adalo collection and then going direct on the “detail”?

Although I haven’t done it myself, I’m certain there is a pagination parameter within the airtable API. You could create a query parameter for this as also demonstrated in this post: External Collection Pagination - #2 by pford

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Thanks. Yes, I found that.

Where I think this differs is that I would have to iterate on the API call within Adalo, rather than asking the user to “page” through.

So I think it may well work for a list, but perhaps not for my map.

Will keep thinking :slight_smile:

For Airtable, you can use the offset parameter to do this, but you will need to send the record ID of the last record in the list in order to pick up where you left off.

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