Link from list to new screen?

So just to be clear, you want to link to 7 different designed screens yah?

If so you can set conditionals like this

You will need another property in your collection to verify. In my case I used True/False

Is that what you meant?

I need a minute to comprehend what you just posted but it looks like what I’m after.

This is my menu in preview mode, each button should lead to a new page with a new list. But this new page should have it’s own layout. So the main menu does not lead to 6 different pages, with the same layout.

@parksidecreator are you saying that in this list when you click one item it should have to go to a new screen with a list?
Am I correct?

Indeed that’s right. But there are more components than just a list, on some of the pages, therefore I’d like to have it lead to its own “New Screen” perhaps so I can set up set screen myself, individually.

Oh some pages have different different components know?

So yes, if you link the normal way each menu item will lead to the same screen pushing the collection data to that screen…

The way I shown allows you to link to separate screens each carrying whatever layout you choose…

Now the 3rd way I had initially set got way out of hand and was a bother to update which is why I changed it to what I posted above.

This 3rd way I found cumbersome, so basically you combine the 2 prior solutions.

  • The menu items link to 1 screen that is shared
  • In this screen you will still need a property True/False or other to check
  • You will have to ‘stack’ each layout on top of each other and set the visibility on them to the conditional property you have setup. (This is more effectively done by grouping each of them and set the visibility to Sometimes and the Property)
  • So when the menu item is clicked, the linked screen will display whichever layout matches the Conditional property.

Yeah it’s confusing and very cumbersome hahah :smiley: I won’t recommend it for anything past 2 layouts.

So you want to link with the list to that different different screens

I mean it’s an design issue, I don’t want each page after the main menu to look the same, so I will set up what comes next differently. If it’s too difficult/impossible I will just create my own main menu by individually creating a new button for each page.

No. no read above you don’t have to. It’s way better to use Lists. :100:

I can make a cloneable later today when I get back if you’re still stuck

@tbel Was hoping I could give each page its own layout, so maybe method 2? :face_with_monocle:
@dilon_perera thanks for your input so far :+1:

Method 2 for sure! Recommended. More scalable that way.

@tbel I’m not quite understand your method 2, if you have the possibility to share an cloneable version with me later I would much appreciate it!

Hiya here you go, let me know of any questions. Link From List


This is awesome, let me have a look at it and get back to you! Thanks.

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Great @tbel ,

The more the better as cloneable app sharer. :grinning:

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Amazing. You solved it. Appreciated!

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Pleasure, good luck with the app! :call_me_hand:

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So this is also a solution for creating nav menus from a single list and having that list on each page, as opposed to creating a menu with individual elements and linking all the elements to each specific page right? Or it achieves the same desired result in terms of performance?

As far as I understand your question, which would be almost the same issue as I was trying to solve, @tbel delivered a solution to solve it, yes.

(You have a menu, and want each component to lead to individual pages?)