Link text to an Adalo screen

I’ve got a paragraph of text. Within that paragraph I want to link up a sentence to another Adalo screen. Is that possible?

Hi Kmm,

This is currently not possible. :slight_smile:

@James_App_Maker thx… no creative workaround?

I don’t think so because you can’t “go back” within a html component. @Victor might have something but I don’t think so sorry.

You want to link back, or link to a screen of your choice?

Ar you using the NOCODE HTML renderer or an Adalo text component?

Trying to link to a screen of my choice. Using the HTML rendered as you can’t have both text and a link in the Adalo component.

Hi @kmm,

As for me, in the web-app this could be possible in theory (via some very bulky solution using URL shortener), but I doubt it is possible to implement this in a mobile app…

I guess no good solution is available up until the deeplinks are implemented in Adalo :frowning:

Best regards, Victor.

Is this text is changed over time by you or you app users or it is just you creating these texts, like an Article?

just me creating it once. @JL_LJ

In that case, you maybe can create a small workaround, you just then need to align better the text and location.

You can create the HTML field, then on top add a transparent rectangle over the underlined text, then add a Action with the link to that rectangle, the user will never see the rectangle, only the text and if he touches it, he is clicking the rectangle.

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Great idea @JL_LJ - i’ll try that. Thanks!!

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If this is a mobile app, that may not work since the apps are not responsive. The rectangle is going to have to be almost 100% for it .it to relocate to another area horizontally.

yep that’s what i figured @TotalCMS. will give it a go anyways.

If you get it worked out let m know too. I been racking my brains trying to find a responsive workaround for mobile apps and also internal linking to other pages.

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That is what I meant by aligned and location :slight_smile: . It is a nut to crack :smiley: . I hope they develop something in the future :frowning: .

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