Cannot link databases

Hello, I created a Relationship between all my databases so I can link the information of users when using my app (name, telephone, photos…), but when I try the app, the saved information appears in blank except for one image. What can I do?

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can you share an image of the forms or fields used to update those records in those collections? there could be multiple factors leading to those records not being updated, if you can share screens of your app, or how your collections are linked I can take a look and help you. Sometimes some fields have to be set to automatic, so they have linked automatically, few things to review.

Share some screens on what you want to accomplish and how they are set and I ll try to help you as much as I can.

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Thank you so much Senuoy! I send:

  1. Image of the process I need to link together w/ every unique user with all the databases
  2. Images of collections

I hope this works, thanks again :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

I am not sure I understand the screens, I speak English and French only sorry. But if I guess correctly, you have 2 options ( if collections and relations are set correctly ), you can either make sure that in your collection forms in every screen, the fields you submit create or update the user and the collection, or you can set automatic fields to be updated in each screen, or you can chose that when someone hits submit, certain actions are performed, including updating your database collections.

If its not clear, I can jump with you on a call to try and help out, I dont sell anything I m just trying to help since I love Adalo and want the community to grow.

Let me know what you would like to do, but here are few screens of how you can set fields to update or create data, different ways to do it:


Thank you Senuoy! Yes, actually I had to put an automatic field as you indicate. Thanks again for your help :slight_smile: