HELP! All my linked databases are not workingI

I need help with my linked databases. Everything seems okay while setting up but the records come up blank.

What doi you mean? can you explain it better? what is suppose to happen?

Thanks for your response. Im sorry, Im responding late.
So, my app is supposed to allow users to sign up, then purchase a subscription which will then allow them to create tasks (that I have called projects) for my team to execute.

for each stage, the user records are meant to be updated to reflect what subscription plan the have bought (to determine what services are available to them) and also what tasks (or projects) the have created.

To achieve this, I created a subscription plan collection, a projects collection, and an orders collection and linked them all to the user collection so that once the logged-in user makes these choices, each of those linked collections (relationships) will reflect in the records.

The issue I am having is that despite the collections seeming to work fine, none of the linked relationships is working and so in the databases, they are all blank. Nothing showing.

Hello! Did you obtained a reply for this issue? I am having the exact same issue…

Hi Lorena,
Sorry I am only just responding.

Yes, I did find a way around the issue, even though I don’t consider it ideal.

So, the problem is mainly with the links.
In Adalo, you can’t have multiple links to the screen lining the database so what I will advise is that you unlink all the screens that are not working and then test with a single link to see that it works.

If it works, you should fins another way to achieve what you want to achieve. For instance, I had to redesign the “user flow” of my app.

Basically, look out for the error (that says a link is not working) each time you create a new link. This will help you prevent the issue.

Hope you understand my response. If not, please let me know so I can give you more detailed response with pictures.