Linked External Collections

Hi, I have built an Online Food Ordering System for Hotels using bubble.
The bubble app I have built is meant to be used by Hoteliers for providing digital room service. My bubble app has three interfaces.

  1. Desktop Web App for Hoteliers - To Create Menu and View Orders received
  2. Mobile Web App for Guests - Scan QR code and order food
  3. Android Native Mobile App for Staff - To view, accept and complete orders received - Want to use Adalo for this.

Now, the issue I am having is, my data when I load here, everything is being loaded as text. For example, my Food Orders Database has a Hotel Field. This is an Object which has many fields. Refer Screenshot

As you can see when I load the Food Orders List on Adalo, all I can see are UUIDs. I have added Rooms and Hotels as an external collection in Adalo but that doesn’t seem to help either.

So, how can I solve this? How can I build relationships with external collections?