Not able to use many to many relation to filter in a list

I was able to use this feature before but now it is unavailable. I have created a many to many relationship for users to set followings and followers. I want to filter the list of users based on this many to many relationship. But while filtering the list I can’t see this user relationship.


Actually I don’t think it has ever been possible to compare many records with many other records. But you can define a certain property of a single record and filter by that.

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Hi Patrick,
Actually I was following your youtube video to create friend request feature on Adalo. I really appreciate your work for the Adalo community.

I am attaching the link to the video :

At the timestamp 7.30, you are setting the remove friend icon to be only visible if the Logged in User → Followers → All contains Current User. The Followers in this case is many to many relation of users. I am not able to see either Followers/ Followings while setting the visiblility of the icon. I’m also adding a screen shot for reference.

Ohhhhhh I see. Yeah this is very problematic. It seems something may have gotten broken when we pushed out the flyouts update! I’ll ask the team about this. Thank you!


Thank you so much for giving your precious time to my post and for such a quick response.

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Hi Patrick,
Is there possibly any way to make this feature available for my project on a short notice? Actually I have a project with a deadline and this feature is a very important component of this application.

Actually our devs were testing the solution on Friday but we don’t ship things on Friday in order to avoid breakages over the weekend so it’s likely this will be ready first part of next week!


Amazing! Thanks for the update.
Also I wanted to bring this to your attention that the feature works fine for 2 different collections (for example between users-posts). The problem comes when the relation is created amongst the same collection (example between users-users).

Just to update here. This issue has been fixed. Note that you’ll need to recreate the relationships in order to see the change! Let me know if you have any issues!


Hi Patrick,
Yes now I can see those relationships in the filter. Thanks a lot for fixing it so quickly.


Hi everyone,
although it seems the specific issue for @mohit51196 was solved, I still cannot filter a list by comparing a many-to-many relationship.

My use case is a different one, but the problem seems the same.

So I have a list of items which I want users to be able to filter by colour.
Items have multiple colours rather than one main colour (many-to-many relationship between a collection for items and a collection for colours).
I also have a collection of selected filters that is up-dated each time the user changes the filter he/she wants to apply (many-to-many relationship between collection selected filters and the collection for colors).

Now, I wanted to set a filter with

Current Item > All Colors
Current Selected Filters > All Colors

However, I cannot select “All Colors” for the latter setting.
Maybe there is another way of solving this that I haven’t come up with yet. So any pointers towards a solution are much appreciated. :pray:

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Hello, +1, i have the same problem.
Can you help us ?
Thank you

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Unfortunately, currently it is not possible to filter many items against many items. One of the recommended workarounds is to create an index of identifiers (IDs, names, something unique), as a text property, then filter by if the text property contains the selected items.

Hi, I’m currently experiencing something similar, when you say create an index, I’m a little confused, what is meant by an index, and where should it be applied?

is there an example in the form of a screenshot or video about that?