Empty list state when list has a filter active

Hi, I am currently trying to add a image/text as an empty state when a list isn’t showing anything. The lists database collection is not empty, but its not showing anything because there is a filter active. is there any way i can show an empty state image when there is nothing showing from the list because of this filter?

Hello, you can create a new image component below the list. Add a filter to show it which is, (Specified collection count is equal to 0) and add the filter added to the list.


Precisely what @Ali-Bazzi said.

Just adding a visual aid for reference:

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Nothing to add because @Ali-Bazzi and @Flawless added them nicely! :muscle:

But just thought to share a video that I created for another maker! : No Results Found for Custom Lists.mp4 - Google Drive

And also Adalo Team has covered this too! : How to Create an Empty State - Adalo Resources

Thank you

Thank you for the help guys! - Unfortunatly it doesn’t seem to work in my case, unless i’m missing something.

I don’t have a searchbar for this list changing the filters. I have a database entry called “Status” that gets automatically updated once the user adds an item to the list. If he adds the item to the list the status changes to “Added to Order” which means it gets shown in the list. When the user proceeds and orders the item the Status of all items in the list get updated to “Ordered”. In this state the items wont show in the list because the filter of the list states that it should only show items with the status of “Added to Order” - I need the Emtpy State to show when the there is no item with the Status of “Added to Order” in the database.

I hope this clarifies my problem, once again much thanks for the quick resolutions!!

This might be a bug. I could be wrong.

Here’s what I think is happening. You are going 4 levels deep into that first filter and I’ve had problems using filters like this before

This is what I mean by 4 levels deep:
#1 > #2 > #3 > #4
Current Order Item > Order > Table > Name

Your filter looks correct, so maybe it’s time to submit a ticket for this issue.

Ok guys, I’m very sorry - thats my bad!
Turns out this only works if the empty state is a image. I have tried it with a image right now and it worked immediatly!
Seems to not work with text tho. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!

It works for me with text, images, groups. lists, etc. There is no reason why it shouldn’t work for text components.

Just a guess, you don’t have any spaces after added to order text in the visibility condition 2nd filter? You can try with Contains too.

If you facing the same issue still and if you like I can take a look at your app! ( You can click the gear icon on left side in the editor and go to the app access section and add this email : pereradilon24@gmail.com )

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