List filters with relationships

Hello everyone,

I have a list of “chantiers” (=construction sites). Each chantier has a “gérant du chantier” (= owner (user)) and many “travailleurs du chantier” (= workers (other users))

my relationships

1 to many => Each “chantiers” (=construction sites) has only one “gérant du chantier” (= owner)

many to many => Each “chantiers” (=construction sites) has many “travailleurs du chantier” (= workers) and those “travailleurs du chantier” (= workers) have many “chantiers” (=construction sites)

I would like that each user can see the construction site they work on

For now with my current setting :
Loggedin User > Chantiers (Gérant du chantier)

  • the “gérant du chantier” (= owner) can see his lists of “chantiers” (=construction sites) when he’s logged in.

  • for the “travailleurs du chantier” (= workers), I cannot find a filter like before which would look like this : Loggedin User > Chantiers (Travailleurs du chantier)
    and so they can’t see the list of the chantiers they work on…

I know it’s a lot of French, but maybe you have a hint ?

Thanks !

Bonjour @clementmonbonpro,

What is the name for the Travailleurs relationship in the Chantiers collection?

For me it worked:

Do your filter options scroll down?

Cordialement, Victor.


Solved it : I had to create a team for each chantier. The many to many didn’t enable me filtering :wink:

Thanks !


Glad you solved it. There are usually more than 1 way to do something in Adalo :slight_smile:

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