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I’ve ran into an issue which I can’t figure out how to solve.
My collections are setup like this:

  • Users - Many to Many relationship with clubs. Many to one relationship with membership
  • Clubs - Many to Many relationship with Users. Many to one relationship with membership
  • Membership - One to Many relationship to Users and Clubs

So I have a basic “profile” screen with a list showing “Logged in Users Clubs”, that works fine. However in each list item, there is a button linking to a membership page, this page is supposed to show you your paid membership details in that specific club (From membership collection).

However I can’t get the filtering right. Either I get all memberships of current user, or all memberships of the selected club.

In the membership page in filter I need to first filter out the logged in users memberships, and then match it to the selected club.

Anyone have any idea?

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Hi Cisco,

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I think you need to filter the list as Current Club> Memberships. And add a custom filter User’s ( relationship property) email>is equal>logged in user’s email. But the membership can have one user. If the membership can have many user you can create a many to many to relationship between users and memberships. And filter the list as current club>memberships and a custom filter Users ( relationship property)>all>contains>logged in user.

Thank you

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Thank you for your response :slight_smile:
Yes just two minutes before your reply I set the filter up on Current Club Membership, and then custom on email compared to logged in email and it works :smiley: I was going crazy about this… Thanks alot!

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