Multiple Logged in user filter in list

Hello everyone !

I am making an app more or less like ebay, and I need multiple filters for my users.
I did it with a modal window and a filter property for each filter in my user’s database.
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(this is my user collection)

(this is my user records)

All my filters are working separetely but I don’t know to make it works all together :

  • My first filter is named “filtre Série” and this works :
    (Logged in User > Filtre Série > Extension > Cartes Génériques > Version de Cartes > All
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  • My second filter is named “filtre Extension” and this works :
    Logged in User > Filtre Extension > Cartes Génériques > Version de Cartes > All
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  • My last filter is named “filtre Rareté” and this works :
    Logged in User > Filtre Rareté > Version de Cartes > All
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BUT when I want to make them all works at the same time, it is unfonctionnal :
This doesn’t works :
(Logged in User > Filtre Extension > Cartes Génériques > Version de Cartes > Rareté > Filtre Rareté > Filtre Rareté > Version de Cartes > All)
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I know this is a nonsense but i can’t right anything myself, i only have the options that adalo gives to me with the arrows …

I don’t know to solve this problem, maybe if i could use several logged in user filter and not only one it would be so easier, but I don’t think adalo can do it, so if you have any other idea or question about this subject, it would be a pleaser to read you,

Ps : all my filter name’s are defined in the collection they are linked to, for exemple with Filtre Rareté :

Hi @Maxence ,

I am sensing that you need to have different approach and go back to the beginning what is that you are trying to approach.

Circulating with your current thinking may not have the expected result, but I could be wrong.

Start small and simple, why do you need to put filter in users collection, is it temporary ? if the answer is vague, better do the first sentence in this paragraph.

I don’t especially need to have the filters in the user collection, but i don’t know how to do it without the user collection …
Maybe i am stuck in my mind and any advice would be more than welcome ^^
I want the user to have multiple filters at the same time (exactly like on e-bay) and I don’t know how to do it, maybe it is because of my different collections in my database but i am really stuck for the moment …
If you have any moment to help, i’ll thank you a thousand time !

Hi @Maxence ,

Check this out,

Hopefully it sparks some ideas. :grinning:

Hi @Yongki,
i tried everything but nothing solve my issue …
What I am looking for is trivial, this is only a if condition but it seems to be impossible on Adalo …
Maybe i will try to use an other no-code generator like bubble despite all I have done here on Adalo, I am totally running out of options …
Thanks all for you help !

Can you point out which one is not working in my cloneable app ?

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