List not filtering after Google Signup Implemented

I implemented Google authentication on my application. The Google sign-in and sign-up is working. However, once users enter the app, their user_id is not passed through.

So, the application is not working as new database items that are created do not have a user_id and filtered listed are no longer filtering for just items with a specific user_id, but rather are showing only items with no user_id.

Any ideas on how to set this value or pass this user_id through?

Hi @cardinalsofnc,

User_id is that you are getting from Xano?

Thank you

Yes - the user_id is coming from the Xano users table

Hi @cardinalsofnc,

Is it possible to show this behavior from a video along with your setup? ( you can use Loom )

Thank you

Here is the user table:

The left-most column is user_id, then date, then name, email, password and google oauth id.

Because this user used google to sign-up, they don’t have a password set in the app. But, they still have a user ID.

here is the table that I am looking to filter with the list:

When you log-in with Google, it only shows line items 42, 43 and 51. It does not show item 52, which was created by the user 36 who we looked at earlier.

This filtered list functionality works when signing up or logging in through the external users custom action functionality.

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