List not loading after updation

Hello everyone, I have built and published 2 apps of which, my Main app: ServiLaun and the Support app: ServiLaun Associate. So, the main app consists of the online marketplace and the support app is for the delivery guy. In my main app, users can place an order and the supportive app updates that order.
But after updating my order on my support app the list in the main app vanishes. If anyone knows how to solve this problem please help me with this.

How do you have the list filtered and displayed on the main app? Provide screenshots of the list and visibility settings if possible.

the purple one is my main app

Just to clarify, the teal/green app is the delivery guy’s version of the app and the dark blue is the customer-facing app… Right?

If so, I think I see what’s going on. When the “done” button is clicked in the last screenshot, you’re setting the user to the delivery guy (as the delivery guy is the logged-in user clicking that button).

So remove this order update where it puts the logged-in user and you should be good:

hey thank you for pointing out this mistake yes it is resolved now

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