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Any workarounds to update a database collection with an array of randomized numbers?



Hi @Dmytro,

I’m assuming you would like to assign some random number to each record in the collection?

Upon creation - yes, you can add a random ID or something for each new record.

Bulk update for existing collection - there are 2 possible ways: (1) bulk update with countdown timer, see here or (2) use an external service for bulk update, something like Integromat, for example.
Both ways will work quite slow on collections with large number of records.

Best regards, Victor.


haha this is fantastic, i never thought about using it like that :grin: :grin:

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Yes, I am using the countdown timer and need to randomize each of just several dozens of records so it can work fast enough.

So how would you implement the ramndomizer thing? Through every list item and an input form?

Thank you!

Hi @Dmytro,

Updating several dozens of records may take 10 - 30 seconds with countdown timer.

If I understood you correctly:
As for implementation - you have a list, put a timer there, and assign an action to update numeric property of the current item with random number (via functions).
It’s similar to what is explained in the video.

Best regards, Victor.

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Yeap, already implemented exactly this way (I had mistakenly been trying to use the Randomizer, but just realized I can use a function). Thanks for you help anyway! D

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