Bulk import / update relationships

Hi all. I am trying to figure out how to bulk import / update relationships for data. I’ve read around the forums and seems like there is not a real clear way that is simple to execute this. Is this still the case? Can we feature request this if not? Having to look for workarounds in the mean time.


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For bulk import/update there’s a method that @Victor introduced and explained here! : Bulk operations and Timer Tricks, part 3: mass update for the records , Countdown Timer tricks: how to clone list item with all sub items using countdown timer

But I guess this would get slower when the records grow! ( Maybe Victor can explain this well? ) I think you could use MAKE here too but not sure the performance.

You can add this feature request here : https://adalo.canny.io/

Thank you

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Thanks @dilon_perera for sharing this!

@Pto just in case: timer tricks works for updating 10…20 records simultaneously. If you need to bulk update 100s of records, I’d advice looking for external solutions like Make, Xano, etc.


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