Problem with list and filters


I want to show one by one a list of item in my database. When the customer clic on the button it must show the next one and don’t show back again.

For that I have made property with a relationship of this item and a filter in my list to exclude (does not contain) this item.

  • If I uncheck ‘load items as user scroll’ the list show me the first result and after I don’t see anything. For testing I have set 5 item to show and each time I exclude one it remove 1 item of my list but I wan’t to have a new one in this list.
  • If I check ‘load items as user scroll’ it work greater but I have 2 problems
  1. The item shown change alone because of loading and sorting the result (client side ?)
  2. After 20 result I have the same issue as when I have unchecked ‘load items as user scroll’

My questions are : Do I do something wrong and is it the good way to do what I want ?

Thank you for your help.


You can try on this demo app test with login and password demo.

I’ve also made a video to show the problem Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

A workaround is found but the issue is not solved.

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