List Top Spacing/Margin Bug


Just came across a minor bug concerning list spacing, as you can see in the editor I have 3 separate containers (title header, last discussion, and discussion list at 16px spacing). When pushed to PWA the top list spacing/margin is above my second container (grey Bg). Would make more sense if this top 16px margin stays above the list.

@Colin can you please forward this?
Many thanks

Are the elements “snapped” together in alignment one below the other?

Is the icon + title text snapped to the center of of a rectangle shape component behind it or just floating as text on top of the background?

Yes, my 3 main containers are snapped together and are arranged in the right order, although all the elements in the list container (light grey bg) are not grouped, do you think this could be the issue? will look into this some more when I get the time.

I believe that could be the issue.

I tend to always use shapes as “containers” then snap items within that container then group them all. This has worked well for me in the past.

Hi @Colin, just did some more tests and think it’s definitely a bug.
I highlighted my wrappers and containers so you can see for yourself that everything is grouped correctly and snapped together in the right arrangement order.

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