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Hi couple of questions I would love assistance with!

When loading my Adalo-app it shows a loading icon, then a different loading icon, which I find confusing and wouldn’t want my users to experience this??(see pictures) also, can I remove the loading-icons all together and replace them with a custom picture/icon?

Hi Parkside,

On a native app, instead of the loading icons, it’ll show a logo or picture of your choice. But for PWA, you can’t change it.

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Once I pay for the service I’m able to add personalised loading screen?
Do you know if the Apple App developers-fee is included in the cost for Adalo PRO?

appreciate your response, James.

The Apple dev account is payed to Apple and had NOTHING to do with Adalo. Any app that is published to the apple apps store has to have a dev account.

You can learn more here.

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thank you for the information.

No problem. Let me know if you have any questions. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if I can bother you with any more, but I am in fact struggling with something in Adalo.
Regarding the database. I have an .csv file with some columns (Businessname, businesscategori, opening hours money, Tuesday, Wednesday etc…, FB, IG and webpage +++).

I am having a hard time importing the sheet, I have now tried several times importing it but it ends with some information missing, I have tried to type it in manually into Adalo´s database, but even this way I can’t really connect the right information where I want it in for example a “list”…

I would create a new topic for it maybe some other makers have experienced it and had a solution.

Also, this help doc might help you.

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I will try that, thanks!

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