Slow app in loading and add to cart

Hi my app is a food delivery app

My problem is that it takes a lot of time to add to the cart. around 3-15 seconds.
I have noticed that the speed is dependent on the RAM and processor of the phone on which the app is being used. How can I speed up the add-to-cart process as the slow speed is very bad for the user experience.

Please help as my client and customers are complaining a lot to the point of quitting.

Hi @adi67

Use only 1-2 actions on button & rest actions can be used on next screen/modal with countdown/button.

I have only one acton on button and a quantity counter

I would check how your database is set up and how the orders are being created. It may be that the way you designed it is too complicated and maybe there’s an easier way to achieve the same outcome.

Not related to your question, if I were a user, my feedback is to simplify the sign-up. To sign-up, you really don’t need my full name, address and phone number. I should be able to create an account with only my email and password. For the rest of the information, you can ask for it once I’m in the app or in the process of completing my first order.

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