Loading Time in Adalo Previewer

Is it normal for some screens to take a while to load? And, if so, this is just a function of Adalo being a little slow, right? My app, when it launches, will not be slow. Correct?

there issues in Adalo servers, that’s why

To be clear, @njimmy10, I don’t mind the slowness in the previewer… but the live app is hosted on the same infrastructure… right? I guess what I’m trying to get a sense for is whether or not the way the app responds (time wise) in the previewer is the way I should expect it to respond when it’s live.

This slowness, is it now? or normal usage of the app?

My app isn’t yet live. I’m wondering if the slowness I experience in the builder will be what my users experience when the app is live.

Hi guys, problem is in live environment also, I have several applications impacted with slowness/ unresponsive with several customers complaints,

I already opened another ticket for ADALO support. Not sure what is happening, but this is an urgent matter.

native/live apps were doing good during the past days. It is the only time I have encountered this with previewer and live apps. Technically, the issue is the database itself.

So if you having a slowness issues right now, that’s because the servers are having this issue and when fixed everything will go back to normal, but if the slowness is happening not now, by that i mean, a normal cases where the servers are completely fine, the answer is “NO” the app will be slow too

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Ah, okay, so you’re all saying there’s just an issue going on at the moment and that they’re aware of it and working on it. Cool. No problem. That happens sometimes I’m sure. Thanks for the help!

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