Location-Based Filtering

Hello. I’m at Beta stage of my app and we keep running up against a problem where I can’t filter a list of bodyguards to show only the guards that are located in the same city as the logged-in user. In this screenshot it’s the list titled “Suggested BodiGuards.” We’re trying to get around Adalo’s lack of geolocation features. Doesn’t anyone have any insights or solution to this problem. This is the last thing I have to do before I submit my app to Beta Review Board. Thanks so much!

In your final filter, current city is equal to logged in user > current city - this looks correct, although you can try to do ‘contains’ instead of equal to.

What is the issue you are facing here? The setup looks ok to me.

Is this running on your home screen by any chance?

Yes, this is running on the home screen for the User’s Home Screen like when they sign into the app. It just shows blank although there are BodiGuards who are in the same city as the logged-in user.

Ok this might be because it’s the home screen. Sometimes the home screen doesn’t fully load logged-in user data.

Instead, make your homescreen a blank page, which has a screen action to go to your real homescreen. I think this will solve your issue.

The filter works now that I used the word “Contains,” but it includes BodiGuards from other cities and not just the current city of the logged-in user. I’ll try change the homescreen to a blank screen.

Thanks a lot.

Yeah the homescreen i think is your issue. Because the logged-in user data is not available correctly, the filter is seeing if city ‘contains’ ‘empty’ - so it’s showing everything.

I think I know what the problem is. There isn’t a Home Screen. So, I’m going to desinate the first screen that users see when they download the app as the first screen and see if that works.

Welcome screen is usually your sign up, login, or splash screen.

Home screen is what appears if the user is already logged into the app, so a redirect screen with maybe your logo, and a screen action to link (no transition) to your real home screen is a nice way to do it.

Ok, yeah, I got the Welcome Screen and Home Screen mixed up. My app developer set it up the Welcome Screen correctly but then she set up what should be the Home Screen as a Normal Screen and there is not Home Screen. Maybe that is the problem because the app is not picking up that there is a logged-in user?

The app knows correctly if the user is logged in or not, but with the screen set as your home screen there is a known bug where it doesn’t get the user’s data correctly. So if we set the home screen to a redirect screen (where we don’t need any user data) the problem is solved.

So I think the problem here is my app developer set the “Accept” button to the acknowledgment screen to “Update User” and link it to the “Home Screen” that is not set as a Home Screen but set as a Normal Screen. Do I need to add another link action as “Log In User” before directing to the redirect blank Home Screen that redirects to the Home Screen?

Please test, but I think you don’t need to worry about any of these links. This is more that the user opens the app on their phone and they were already logged in before. The app launches the ‘home screen’ by default, because the user is logged in.

So this home screen should be a blank screen with screen action to go to your ‘real’ home screen.

Install the geolocation component and filter by distance. You can use a 3rd party service to filter or by city lat/long+geofencing for proximity, or use the geofiltered list.


Here’s a screen capture I created where I tried to create a link action of “Log-In User.” Is this correct?

OMG. Thank you so much! I’ll forward this to my app developer. You’re the bomb!

You’re welcome. Here is some info on the marketplace if you care to know


Yes, this is great. I may need your services as my app is very ambitious.

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The log-in action should happen before the update user action, and you need to fill in those email and password fields by referencing the email and password input fields.

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Do you mean use the magic text thingy to fill in those email and password fields? Thanks for that info about the log-in action happening before the update user action. I know what I need to do know. Thanks!

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Yeah that’s it

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