Stumped by simple database problem: displaying logged in user data

I spent untold hours yesterday trying to work out how to display only ‘the logged in user’s’ data. The issues is explained really well here but for the life of me I can’t get it to work.

I have the standard database of users, then a database of player names which are linked through a One [user] to Many [players] relationship. I’ve tried every other type of relationship too out of sheer frustration.

When I filter a list for ‘all players’ naturally every player in the database shows up:

But when I filter the list for logged in users nothing shows up:

Likewise, when I try to use random picker to choose one from among the Player list I get an error message if filtering for ‘logged in users’ and a selection from all Players when not. The purpose is to choose turn-taking in a face to face educational game.

What am I doing wrong?

Here’s a link to the app: Drunken English

Here are the settings for the list:

Hi @DaBoo,

In your Create Player action you have added Logged in user to that relationship field right?

Is it possible to enable cloning for the app to clone the app and see?

Thank you

Genius, as usual @dilon_perera! That’s the part I overlooked. It works like a charm now!

I hope this can serve as a help to others who get stuck on this point.

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