Look up records in database when barcode / QR code scanned

I’m a new user to Adalo, I’m using the QR scanner component.
When a barcode is scanned, I’d like to call up the corresponding record from my linked database.
Is there a way to do that in the app?

I saw this: https://forum.adalo.com/t/lookup-record-in-table-via-qr-code-scanner/8691 - But havent had much success.

As a total greenie, I could use more help - anyone?

Im in the same page,

I made a similar post and no one has been able to give an answer or those of ADALO, also there is no information about that, I need to register visits to my building and for the security guard to scan the barcode of each person and see all The information you record from that visit is like an access control

Yes you’ll need to save the data that is read by the QR scanner in the user’s collection in a property called “Temporary QR scan” or something similar then, link to a page that displays a list of records filtered by whose properties match that property in the user’s record.

Thank you! I’m going to give this a try here in a few and circle back!

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