Looking for Deep Copy component or service

I’ve been using the countdown timer trick (which usually works), but if it’s possible to do it in a less slow and buggy way, I’m willing to pay for it as this is very important for the function of my app.

Use Case: I have a list of Programs. Each program contains phases, workouts, etc. Like this:
Program > Phases > Workouts > Sections > Exercises > Targets

What I need to do is copy the program and all the nested relationships so they are unique from the originals.

How much are you willing to pay? Can the solution include integromat or some other backend service, or Adalo only?

I could do maybe $2-300 absolute max, though hopefully less. If that’s not enough let me know, I’ll need to figure something out. (If it doesn’t require coding I could perhaps pay for instructions on doing it myself) I’m not opposed to using another backend service, just depends on the details. I’m not so familiar with integromat, though I am very familiar with Zapier.

Can you send me a DM with your web preview link so I can have a look and see?

DM sent

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