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Hi guys, I want to create a social platform like facebook, when I write “like facebook” I’m referring specially to the comment features.
Actually I’m not able to replicate something where I can comment a post, inserting images, like (the single comment not the post) and so on.

Do you know if there is an App like this to clone?

I’ve cloned the Facebook Clone App that Adalo offer but is too much simple for what I need:

I’d like to replicate something like the video I attach.

Thank you in advance :blush:

Hello, Our Social media template is coming soon on Webnux. It contains the features that you’ve mentioned (Comments, Posts, Images and more…).

Thank you!

Thank you Ali. I just see 8 templates but which is the one you are referring to?

You’re welcome! Yes as I’ve mentioned in my previous comment, the Social media template is Coming Soon. Once it’s ready on Webnux, you can check it.

Thank you!

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