Web sockets + timers + driving directions to make Uber

Here is a new set of components to assist in tracking drivers on the road, that can be best illustrated by imagining tracking an Uber Eats driver whom you are awaiting to bring your dinner. But this can be used in many instances such as tracking a delivery driver or finding driving directions to an event taking place in your area.
Driving direction component takes in two locations to plot the route. If you pair this with the GeoLocation component you can create your own navigation app.
Ably Sockets allows you to have realtime communications between users. In the video we go through GeoLocation, but it isn’t limited to just this, it can be use for many other applications. Not only from person to person, but as well group to groups.
Timer component allows you to trigger actions repeatably in an orderly manner.

Youtube Link here: Adalo WebSockets + Timers + Driving Directions to make Uber - YouTube


Installer location:


The Driving direction is not working, i put 2 different address and nothing appears on the map

i got this error…

I think we fixed this problem. The PWA mode is working, but there is a reported issue that crashes the android build, and probably the iOS build. We think this is due to a conflict between the Map component by Adalo and the Directions component if the Map is installed. Hope we have this issue resolved.

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Oh yeah, that problem was fixed, and the crash i already reported it to steven, thanks Tim, right now i’m testing the ably component…

Glad to hear!!!

OMG!!! You Rock! Life saver components. I was migrating to draftbit and you are the reason I am still using adalo today. Your components made a big impact on my workflow, so thanks!!! A lot !!’


Is there any update about the direction component?

Not yet Tkotc is working on it and will let you know when it is updated. Thanks

Okay thanks Tim